Monday, 3 August 2009

Spring Detox @ Spiral Sanctuary

Its exciting the Spring Detox at the Spiral Sanctuary nearly has a date - end of April or May. It will be a time to recharge regenerate regroup find direction detox cleanse. And as a bonus to some get into the bikini for the summer! (Of course these things should not matter and we are much too spiritual or too feminist to ever think along those lines).

The Spiral Sanctuary is a very special place - I will be posting photos and a link very soon. It is gentle healing place yet strongly connected to the Earth and has a way of showing you what you really need to look at and to find focus and direction in one's life. The Detox Project will be doing a very interesting exciting retreat there in Spring. We will be combining a yummy detox diet with lymphatic drainage, a total nutritional, dietary and physical check up - an MOT if you like - with an emotional check up all with a spiritual focus. There will be Universal dancing (very gentle) yoga meditation and even some creative opportunities. All at a gorgous site Spiral Sanctuary, which has its own pure Spring for drinking, mountains behind, a gorgeous beach. What more can one ask for! Photos to follow. Best of all to you

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