Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Increasing Energy, Strengthening Adrenals Part 1

My energy, 2 years off 50, is better now than in my teens and my 20s. I wake every morning rearing to go, I'm flooded with creative ideas, I'm wide awake. Friends and family find this a little annoying! This is the time when I do my blog, check my emails, write, create my ideas etc. Sometimes I am up 3 hours before I even have to leave for work. Then my energy is stable all day long. I don't get depressed any longer. If I am tired it will be for real reasons, like I have been up all night dancing, I am going through a stressful time or I have been working long hours with no days off.

But it hasn't always been like this. I used to wake up sluggish, irritable, moody and with no energy. I used to have mood swings all day, my energy would slump and I would get stomach 'migraines' if I didn't eat. My kidneys hurt, I had thrush, cystitis, I was deeply depressed for years - unable to get out of bed for weeks. I had rashes, spots, black circles under my eyes, restless legs, pains in my back and legs, PMT etc etc!

So one of the things I had to do to get to where I am now - energy wise - was to balance my blood sugar and strengthen my adrenals. And this is the subject which has sprung from the article about fat bellied monkeys, (hopefully treated well during their research), in my last post.

Health is constant state of being and one has to approach it from many sides. There will be many reasons why an individual is being troubled by a particular health problem. One has to look at many different areas e.g. hormones, diet, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, parasites, stress levels, emotional blocks etc etc and slowly work things through. Of course one can speed this process up by visiting a nutritionist who often will have diagnostic tests and dietary assessments available.

Back on the subject! Two areas which help improve energy are making sure blood sugar is balanced and strengthening adrenals.

Healthy life!


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