Monday, 3 August 2009

How to Sustain Energy All Day Long

Do start the morning with raw fruit (or even a salad). Starting the day with raw food especially fruit and veg can do several things:
  • makes sure you get your quota of raw food ensuring that natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals - untouched by cooking - are a part of your every day diet
  • raw food before every meal switches off your immune system which means your immune system is less likely to go onto alert and create symptoms such as allergies
  • raw food cleans you out - try and make it 50% of your diet as a whole - making sure your colon is cleansed and that your bowel is regular and happy
If you suffer from energy slumps, or low blood sugar swings, then you may then need to eat some kind of protein - a smoothie, eggs, yogurt, nuts, tofu, soya cheese, cottage cheese, fish (try and make this organic and humanely sourced), after your raw food. This will really set you up for the day and keep your energy going at an even keel.

If you tend to have energy slumps or mood swings often during the day then also have protein snacks around 11, include protein with lunch and have something around 3. You dont always want to keep up this amount of protein - only until your energy improves. Remember to decrease your other meals to compensate for eating more during the day. Do also decrease all caffeine, sugar and alcohol as these will greatly influence mood and energy.

Do see a nutritionist for a taylored programme for your individual case. If you want a diet sheet for stabalising energy and blood sugar swings then please do email me

All the best to you!

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