Thursday, 19 May 2011

Parasites - a different perspective on IBS or IBD?

Parasitic invasion is more common then you think. You don't have to travel to foreign climes to fall victim. We can pick them up from food or water here in England also. Not only are parasites a problem but we can also suffer from a bacterial overgrowth or a yeast overgrowth. All different and all needing a different remedy. And there are a minimum of 5 different strains of candida or yeasts! Bacteria and yeasts come to us as an overgrowth when our own healthy bacteria garden has been attacked and so reduced. A bit like the weed killer which was sprayed onto the garden to kill the weeds also attacked our healthy garden and killed the beautiful flowers! Because our colons/guts do house a garden - full of healthy flora and also unhealthy flora. And if our garden isn't balanced, weeded, nurtured and fed it will give us health problems.

Our garden can be harmed by too many antibiotics, high fat and sugary foods, too little fibre, medical and recreational drugs even stress will alter the flora.

All of this can lead to IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBD - Inflammatory Bowel Disease. There is a big difference between IBS and IBD and do stay tuned for more on this.

So if you have grumbling IBS for example and the doctor can find nothing wrong or you suffer already from IBD like ulcerative colitis then do consider parasitic infection or a yeast or bacteria overgrowth.

I tested myself for parasites using a lab in the US and discovered I had amoebas and also a particular nasty Blastocystic Hominus (see photo). I do have symptoms so I am clearing the infestation out. Not everyone will have symptoms as if we have a healthy immune system in the gut it will deal with the problem. Often after a period of stress the parasite becomes what they call pathogenic - becomes a health problem. It's then that the symptoms can start.

I also run tests on clients to check for parasites, bacteria and yeast overgrowth. I find infestation common in clients with colitis, allergies, ezcema, asthma, ME, IBS and often with people who suffer from stress. This is because stress dampens down the gut immune army so it becomes weak at killing off parasites.

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